Taipa Stock & Saloon Racing 08/09

'The Mecca of Speedway'

Taipa End of Year 2009 Prizegiving

2009 End of Season Prizegiving (End of Season Results below)






2008/2009 End of Season Results

End of Year Championship Winners 2009

Super Mens

B Armstrong 1st

G Inglis 2nd

M Andresen 3rd


Super Ladies

S Andresen 1st


Ltd Mens

K Wilson 1st

R Walker 2nd

F Halliday 3rd


Ladies Ltd

J Graydon 1st

D Wilson 2nd


Mens B Grade

R Frear 1st =

R Weal 1st =

P Jecentho 3rd


Ladies B Grade

D Frear 1st


Mens Production

G Kidd 1st

C deWaal 2nd

B Mallindine 3rd


Ladies Production

C Teixiera 1st

R Ducker 2nd

R Teixiera 3rd


Mens Stockcars

R Carey 1st

R Teixiera 2nd

R Dare 3rd


Ladies Stockcars

E Dare 1st

S Shepherd 2nd

S Waitford 3rd


Mens C Grade

C deWaal 1st

S Field 2nd

H Schulze 3rd


Ladies C Grade

K Tatnell 1st

S deWaal 2nd

M Field 3rd


Stockcar Stirrer

Mel Turner


Most points All Grades


Grant Kidd


Kayne Tatnell


Junior Sportsperson

Eli Tatnell


Senior Sportsperson

Bruce Mallindine


Most improved Junior

Nathan Erihe


Rookie Of the Year

Marilyn Field